Cost structure of PaxVobis e. V.

PaxVobis e. V. has a remarkable cost structure ensuring a most effective use of the donations received.

In the previous years from the money received,

  • 97.92% has been used for our projects
    • 87.59% directly for the projects,
    • 7.70% for postage/shipping,
    • 1.90% for local project supervision/control,
    • 0.73% for money transfer fees
  • 2.08% has been used for administrative costs* (office materials and bank account administration fees)

In most years (including 2012) the administrative costs could be covered by membership fees. This means, that
100% of the donations could be used for our projects!

* Our administrative costs are way below the 35% that are considered justifiable and even way below the 10% that would already be considered low (e.g. by the DZI)

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