Good Education - hope for the poor

In Pakistan, English schools are a luxury that usually only the rich can afford to attend.

are schools of the poor and for the poor. Our aim is to bring hope to the poor and unprivileged in Pakistan, who are mostly Christians and women.

Poverty, gender, or religious believe shall not be a factor hindering the expression of a child's intelligence or the development of its personality. By providing good quality education we improve the future prospects of poor children and their families. In order to overcome discrimination and to build peace, both schools accept children regardless of their religious believe. We trust that children, who have received the same education, respect, care, benefits and love, will later contribute to create a peaceful Pakistan.

Both schools are located in Christian areas where most of the people struggle to survive. The social environment is marked by violence, corruption and dehumanizing poverty. This turns the way to the school into a very concrete risk for the life of the children. That's why our schools are located within a walking distance of the children's homes.

Please help us with your prayers and donations that the poor children in Pakistan can have the same opportunities like the well-off children and look forward to a brighter future.

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