Suneeta's story



"I am Suneeta. I am a student in the 4th class of St. Peter's English Medium High School. I have been studying in St. Peter's from class nursing on.

My family is very poor. When I was a small girl, my father divorced my mother and she had to go back to my grandfather, who was very poor and already an old man.

My grandfather became the first watchman of St. Peter's school. He has been working in this school till his death. He asked for me and my brother to be admitted in St. Peter's school.

After his death, we had no source of income and struggled to survive. So my elder brother, who is 14 years old, had to leave the school. Now he and my mother are working as servants in many houses. But even together, they can hardly earn enough money to fulfill our daily necessities.

My mother has a keen desire to make our future bright. I have much interest in education. I am a good student and finished first every year in my class. I do not want to live a life like my mother. I want to become able to financially support my family so that we can live in a respectable way. I also want to fulfill my mother's dreams.

My school is providing me a chance to make my dreams come true. I am getting free education as well as all stationery from the school. My dream is to become a medical doctor. The school's principal generously supports me and my family. If St. Peter's School continues to help me in my studies, I hope, that I will be able to make my future bright and will live a successful life in the society."

Suneeta, February 2010
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